Transformative programs for executives and entrepreneurs


BROESLI offers high-end, on- and offline transformative programs for executives and entrepreneurs that are deeply committed to have a positive impact on the world, and by their work wish to contribute to a raised collective consciousness. Objectives of the programs:

  • unveil and break down your limiting beliefs and traits
  • reveal and heal from hidden personal and collective trauma’s
  • remembering and connecting with your true essence
  • unlock and crystalize hidden potential
  • authentically align your actions from a state of presence, clarity and creativity
  • a raised level of consciousness, awareness and resilience
  • move with ease, a state of fulfillment and above all more joy in your everyday life

The change in you will be lasting. Your personal transformation will continuously and positively affect the people in your business, as well as your loved ones. The deeper you allow yourself to dive into your own process, the more it will extend to those around you.

Individual program for leaders and entrepreneurs

This is the top choice for C-level leaders and entrepreneurs, that are looking for and committed to a deep transformation within themselves and their business, with full focused personal attention. Consisting of one-day VIP retreats in the countryside, online coach-calls, daily feedback and reflection via Voxer support and online masterclasses.

Group program

A six month program for up to 12 participants, consisting of group retreats in the countryside, online masterclasses and 1-on-1 coach sessions. This program is excellent for those who wish to enhance their transformative experience, by entering the collective field that opens naturally when working in a group. The retreats add up to a safe and sustainable integration of insights. 


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